A factory reset, and soft reset can be performed from the front panel. A factory reset will restore all settings to original defaults, including network settings, frame presets and current settings. A soft reset reverts only the current settings to default. Network settings and frame presets are not changed with a soft reset.

1. Place the frame in standby mode.
2. Press and hold Select and channel 3 mute button. Then press the power button.
3. User interface will illuminate available options. Choose from the options below a. Press channel 1 mute button (red LED) to initiate the factory reset sequence. b. Press channel 2 mute button (amber LED) to initiate the soft reset sequence. c. To cancel, press channel 4 mute button (green LED).
4. Wait state indication is present while either reset is performed.
5. To complete the factory reset process, cycle the mains power by completely removing the power plug and reinserting it.