Why am I only getting 2 channels via USB?

Q. Using Windows 10 the XR18 device shows up as USB 1-2, I cannot get more than 2 channels. Why is this?

A. First, make sure you have the latest USB Driver version 4.59 installed from the website:

Second, it's very important to know what type of software you are using. The USB Driver has 2 portions, WDM and ASIO. WDM Based applications like Windows Media Player, Audacity, Internet Browsers etc will be limited to 2 channel operation. ASIO Applications such as Pro Tools, Tracktion, Reaper etc will have access to the full 18 channels.

The last thing to check is the USB Interface setting on your mixer. In the X Air Edit app, with the XR18 connected, open the SETUP>AUDIO/MIDI page and make sure USB Interface is set to 18/18 and not 2/2.