Beam Steering can be found within our Qflex range of loudspeakers and is the perfect combination of unique driver assembly design, cutting-edge onboard DSP and revolutionary software steering algorithms.

To achieve the desired level of acoustic control, it’s crucial that the low frequency driver elements are densely spaced like the high frequency drivers for effective operation over their pass-band. The 3” and 4” low frequency drivers in QFlex have been optimized with a combination of FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Klippel™ Analysis, and laser inferometery. With a highly efficient neodymium magnet structure and under-hung voice coil, we can achieve large linear excursions while maintaining distortion free performance. This affords us the desired low frequency performance while maintaining our dense spacing. 

We also developed a unique high frequency array solution, resulting in an 8-element array with a specially designed neodymium magnet structure allowing for very dense spacing of the sources. The critical factor in maintaining a coherent, focused beam and minimising grating lobes, even at higher frequencies, is in the spacing of the HF sources. The closer they are, the wider the effective bandwidth control can be. The dome centres in QFlex are only 30 mm apart, banishing aliasing to frequencies beyond 12 kHz – no other competing design can achieve this level of performance. Thermal power handling is further augmented by the inclusion of a common heat sink on the rear of the high frequency array.