How can I test if my AES50 ports are working?

In order to test the AES50 ports of your X32 or M32, please follow this process:

1. On the rear of the console, connect a short Shielded Cat5E cable from the AES50A port to the AES50B port. 
2. Open the SETUP>GLOBAL menu and double check the Clock Source/Synchronization setting is set to Internal
3. Open the ROUTING>INPUTS/HOME menu. On the right side of the display you will see the "CONNECTED DEVICES" section. In this section you should see that the A and B icons are Green, and that each box has a picture of an X32/M32 inside of it.

If you see that the A and B icons are RED, your clock source may not be correctly set. 
If you see that the boxes are empty or flashing, you are likely experiencing an AES50 port failure on 1 or both ports. In this case please submit a support ticket at:
If at any point without any cables connected to either AES50 port you notice activity in the Connected Devices section such as flickering n/n indicators or a Red X32/M32 showing up on either port, that port will need to be repaired.