How can I test if my AES50 ports are working?

In order to test the AES50 ports of your S16, SD8. SD16, S32, DL16 or DL32:

1. On the rear of the stagebox, connect a short Shielded Cat5E cable from the AES50A port to the AES50B port. 
2. Monitor the AES50 indicators on the front of the stagebox. 
3. You should see some activity on both ports, either flashing red, solid red, or solid green lights. 
Note: Solid green lights would Only apply if using an S16 or DL16 that has been set to the SN MASTER mode

If you see that the indicators are unlit, you are likely experiencing an AES50 port failure on 1 or both ports. In this case please submit a support ticket at:
If at any point without any cables connected to either AES50 port you notice activity showing up on either port, that port will need to be repaired.