DN32-LIVE Expansion Card Firmware Update

DN32-LIVE Expansion Card firmware can be updated from the console surface via USB stick
Download the DN32-LIVE fw update file from the Klark Teknik oficial website and store it to the root directory of a USB stick

Plug the USB stick into the M32 console top/front panel, while it is still switched off
Hold the USB Recorder View button depressed while powering the console up -M32C users, please press the push encoder while powering up.
The updater will search the USB root and start installing a more recent DN32-LIVE card firmware automatically
The update process can take up to 5 minutes and will inform you upon successful completion
Then power cycle the console again, in order to get back into normal operation
NOTE: make sure the update files for card firmware and console firmware are not used in the USB root directory at the same time -do one after the other.
You may however, copy the console firmware file into any sub-folder on the USB drive and start the update from Setup/Global console UI.

DN32-LIVE card firmware update

DN32-LIVE minimum version A11 recommended for remote ‍(This is an attachment to this article)

M32 console firmware update

M32 console firmware minimum version supporting DN32-LIVE dcp_corefs_3.08 or above.