All E series amplifiers utilise 3-pole block Phoenix connectors on the input side, these connectors are included with the unit. Compatible input connectors are Phoenix Contacts, Part number MSTB 2.5/3-STZ-5.08, or Anytek OQ03545100CCG.

To connect a mixer which has XLR outputs you will need to make an XLR to 3-pole block Phoenix cable or you can purchase a pre-made one.

Please make sure to follow the +, – and Ground labels when connecting the input signal.

If an unbalanced connection is desired this can be achieved by summing the minus (“COLD”) and Ground terminals and using the + terminal as the “HOT” signal. For the best possible performance, the summing of ground and minus wires should be done at the source unit end of the cable (e.g. a CD player).

When linking the same source signal to several input channels, be aware that there is a limit to the number of channels an output source can “drive”. A typical output source (e.g. a DSP crossover unit) can drive up to four amplifier channels before line-drivers would be required to boost the signal.