VoiceSupport 2 gives you the opportunity to back up your presets as well as your setup data. Here's the process to saving backup files and importing them into a new device:

Export - saves a copy (file) of setups from your device to anywhere on your computer (or drive attached to your computer) 
1. Connect your device to your computer.
2. Launch VoiceSupport 2.
3. Allow your device to connect and initialize with VoiceSupport 2.
4. Navigate to the Presets tab.
5. Find the Export button.
6. In the Export screen, you can assign the Location to save your backups, the Export Source you want for your data, and the Export Data you want to use.
7. To backup your entire device, you'll want copies of your Preset Data and your Setup Data. 
8. Select the Import Destination. You can send your backup directly to your device, to the Workspace, or create a backup listing.

Import - loads saved copies of your backup files into the attached device 
1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
2. Find the Import button.
3. In the Import screen, use the Browse button to find your saved backup files. 
4. You can also select a preset location to start from if you're loading in presets.

Performance data is imported and exported via external USB thumb drive. Your USB thumb drive should be FAT32 formatted. Automation and sequencing would be stored on these files. The audio tracks are included with the export.

To Export Performance Data
1. Hold Looper button to get into Looper Mode (with a backing track selected)
2. Press Menu (Preset Up)
3. Press Export to thumbdrive (Reverb)

To Import Performance Data
1. Hold Store
2. Tab to Import Performance
3. Select and hold control knob to Import

In addition to the Performance Data export, back up your system settings and presets via VoiceSupport 2 and you should have a full copy of your VoiceLive 3 to load onto your device after a factory reset.

You can download VS2 from our website here:

You can find the factory reset process for your VoiceLive 3 in the device manual. The download for your device manual can be found here: