Yes, please follow the steps below:

How to disable APD and APO:
1. Remove the mains power cord (or break the mains power somewhere else)
2. Apply a short the GPI (and keep it shorted)
3. Keep the power on/off button pressed for approximately 3 s as you connect the mains cable. The indicators will flash a few times to confirm that they have received the instruction.
4. Remove the short for the GPI.
5. The amplifier will now remember that it should not automatically go on or off.

Once this is done the amplifier's power state can be controlled with an external power switch or with GPI.

To enable APD and APO, repeat the above steps, but have the GPI open instead.

If the APD is disabled, then the power can be controlled in 3 ways:
1. By using the button on the rear
2. By using GPI
3. By breaking the power to the unit with an external power switch or sequencer