If  for some reason it is required to downgrade your PLM device from firmware 2.78 or later, to any previous release of PLM Series firmware, the user will need to go through a new PLM Series intermediate firmware bundle.

Direct downgrade from firmware >2.78 to any previous release firmware is prohibited and blocked. 

In order to downgrade to a version below 2.78 the user first needs to downgrade to a special downgrade version ‘downgrade-firmware 2.75’.

After that the user may change to any given release firmware, i.e. back previous release firmware such as e.g. 2.69 or 2.68 or directly upgrade to the firmware included in this release. 

The user needs to be aware that It is expected for a PLM 10000Q with Amp. BSP 4 to not be able to downgrade it to any firmware below 3.01.

If this device is to be used alongside other PLM and LM devices, all devices must be updated to the same firmware in the 3.XX or 4.XX range. 

On an important point the user needs to be aware that the PLM Intermediate downgrade bundle 2.75 is not to be used in practice:

- It does not pass audio

- Its default state is ON

- It is not supported in the Lake Controller