The recommended operating temperature for all D series models is -10 to +50C.

Please note however, D Series devices use a forced-air cooling system with airflow from front to rear, allowing high continuous power levels without thermal problems. To facilitate maximum air flow, ensure that no objects such as rack doors or lids are placed at the front or rear of the rack. Never attempt to reverse the airflow. Make sure an adequate air supply is provided in front of the D Series device, and that the rear of the device has sufficient space to allow air to escape. It is recommended to keep the ambient temperature around the device as cool as possible. An increased temperature can have a significant negative impact on the expected lifetime on the components inside the D Series device.

NOTE: Fit solid blanks (not ventilation blanks) to unused rack spaces to ensure effective air circulation. Leaving gaps in between items of equipment degrades the effectiveness of forced-air cooling.

If installing one or more D Series devices in a rack with other fan-cooled equipment, confirm that all other equipment also uses front-to-rear airflow for cooling. If this precaution is not observed, there is a risk of overheating, as units with the reverse airflow will be drawing in air which has already been heated by the D Series devices.

The D Series device is equipped with a sophisticated temperature sensing system which protects it from any overheating which may occur because of inadequate ventilation.