The Lake system provides various methods for storing and recalling Module, Frame, or system-wide data.

Module, System and Sub-System Configuration files are stored on the Lake Controller PC, and data is passed across the network when recalling or storing these types of files.

A Module file is the smallest set of data that can be stored and recalled; it contains crossover, gain, delay, and   limiter information for an individual loudspeaker.  

A Module file may be recalled into other Lake devices. It is not possible to store a Module File directly on   the hardware device.

A System or Sub-System Configuration File contains a set of Module file information in addition to Frame  related information such Group data and I/O configuration.

The entire processor configuration can be stored as a Frame Preset on this hardware device.

Presets can be recalled via the front panel or via the Lake Controller software or Preset Manager utility.

Presets can be stored using the Lake Controller software or Preset Manager utility.

A maximum of 100 Frame Presets can be stored on this device.

The data within a Frame Preset includes the configurations of all Modules in the Frame, including levels, crossover, EQ, input mixer, routing, and all other parameters.

As Frame Presets are stored in the hardware device, recall is available without using a PC.

Using the System Presets function in the Lake Controller, entire system configurations can be stored and recalled across a network of LM, PLM and PLM+ Series devices.

This enables fast retrieval and switching of entire system configurations as minimal data is being sent between the Controller and Processors.