All C Series amplifiers are equipped with the proprietary NomadLink network interface.

This includes two RJ45 connections in standard housings: one IN and one OUT.

Use standard straight Cat-5 Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors to connect the amplifier to the NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge and Network Controller or to daisy-chain multiple amplifiers.

Up to 60 amplifiers can be connected to one NLB 60E in a daisy-chain or closed loop.

In systems that consist of C Series as well as standard C Series or FP+ amplifiers, each C unit should be counted as two devices on the network, with the total device count not to exceed 60 devices per subnet.

When the NLB 60E is powered up, the NomadLink network receives phantom power.

This causes the blue NomadLink LED on the amplifier front panel and the NomadLink LED on the rear panel to light up.

Because the entire network receives phantom powering from the NLB 60E, NomadLink is active even when the amplifier has mains power disconnected or is not yet powered up.

Should an amplifier fail or be inadvertently disconnected from the mains, network integrity is fully maintained, and all amplifiers remain visible on the system.

The NomadLink network requires use of an NLB 60E.

The NomadLink network is established by connecting the NLB 60E OUT port to the first amplifier’s IN port.

Then a daisy-chain is established by connecting the first amplifier’s OUT port to the next amplifier’s IN port, and so on.

If a closed loop network is desired for improved redundancy (highly recommended), the last amplifier’s OUT port must be connected to the NLB 60E’s IN port.

For all connections, straight Cat-5 RJ45-equipped Ethernet cables should be used