Question: What is the advantage of a dual pc setup?

First, understand that all audio processing is done inside GO XLR, and you
end up with a USB audio stream called “Broadcast Mix.” This Broadcast Mix
would normally go through a one-PC setup directly to OBS, XSplit or whatever
live streaming service you plan to use.
However, with a dual-PC setup, you need to get that Broadcast Mix audio out of
GO XLR and into your streaming computer.
To accomplish this re-channeling of the Broadcast Mix to your streaming PC,
you will need two 3.5 mm stereo cables:
1. Run the first cable from the LINE OUT jack on GO XLR to the LINE IN jack on
your streaming computer.
2. Run the second cable from the LINE OUT on your streaming computer to the
LINE IN jack on the rear panel of GO XLR. This second connection will allow
you to route in all streaming alerts or other audio from your streaming
computer back into GO XLR so you can hear them over your headphones.