Please be aware that all E Series amplifiers have the same signal flow and feature set, differing only in the ability to deliver power to the loudspeakers.

On the E Series amplifiers, the input stage has a relatively high sensitivity of 4 dBu (1.23 Vrms) for full power.

However, the input can handle signals up to 17.2 dBu without clipping the input signal path.

The amplifier applies low-distortion limiting if the input signal exceeds what is required to deliver full power.

If compression isn’t desired, use the input attenuator to trim the sensitivity.

The E Series amplifiers easily achieve a higher SPL when driven with sources capable of 10 or 20 dBu output, such as professional mixing consoles or DSP units.

However, consumer sources such as a CD player or an MP3 player will have a lower output, typically -10 dBV or -7.8 dBu, this is not sufficient level to realize full power from an E Series amplifier.

In this scenario, the user can get closer to maximum power output by putting the mode switch in the 70 V position without risk of delivering excessive power, even into a 2 or 4 ohm load.