To alter the settings of the DN9650 or DN9652, connect an ethernet cable from the CONTROL port of the device to your computer LAN port.  Your computer must be set up with a static IP and subnet mask.  Here are the settings.
Ensure your computer LAN adapter is enabled and the WiFi adapter is disabled.  Open a web browser and type the following IP address to open the DN9650/9652 setup page.
You should now see the setup page and option to change device types and sample rates.  

NOTE: the setup page gives the option to change the default IP and Subnet Mask of the unit.  If these settings are changed or have been changed previously, you will need to compensate by changing your computer IP and Subnet Mask accordingly.  You will also need to provide an appropriate IP address when you enter your browser search bar.  The front panel of the device should show you the set IP configuration during boot.