Q: My audio is cutting in and out with GoXLR. Why is this happening?

A: Thankfully, this is super rare that it is a hardware issue with GoXLR and is generally due to a few things that are easy to fix. First, try a different USB port or USB type. Audio is generally best run over USB 2.0, but there may be better support for your motherboard on a USB 3.0 or 3.1 port. Also try known working ports other devices are plugged into. Audio devices and motherboards can be "picky." If you have a lot of USB devices, try plugging GoXLR into a USB port on a different part of your computer like a front panel. Second, make sure your USB Drivers and BIOS are up to date. This is the resolution about 80% of the time. Yes we know you have a new motherboard. Yes we know that your friend has the same motherboard without an issue. Please check anyways.
Finally, try a different USB cable. If none of those solutions worked, let us know in #goxlr-support-2 and we can support you from there!(edited)