Q: Does my microphone need a Cloudlifter or Mic Activator (Shure SM7b, EV RE20, Heil PR40, etc.)?

A: There are two answers to this question - an objective one and a subjective one. First and foremost, a preamp is going to "power" the microphone. Some microphones need more dB of "power" in order to be audible and sound their best. However, some preamps are "dirty." What "dirty" means is that they can introduce static and preamp noise the higher dB to which it is being set. So, yes. GoXLR powers these power-hungry dynamic microphones without a mic activator and does so without introducing much noise. However, there is some subjectivity to the question. While GoXLR can purely power a dynamic microphone, and that preamp is good and clean - we have found that some people prefer the tone that they get by using mic activators, though this group is in a fairly small minority (about 15%). In the end, we recommend to try using GoXLR without a mic activator. If you have a mic activator already, try it with and without and see which you prefer.