Speaker Firmware Update Manual
Version 2.2.0 (23 July 2019)
Note: this manual applies only to the following models.
•     Turbosound iP300
•     Turbosound iP3000
•     Turbosound iP500 v2
•     Turbosound iP1000 v2
•     Turbosound iP2000 v2
How to update the firmware with Android v8.x device
(For other devices please see the speaker’s manual)
Note, if the speaker is running on an old version (v1.1.x or below). There is a compatibility issue with
Android OS v8.x so please use a different method to update the speaker.
1. Download the latest firmware file (XXX.dfu) from Turbosound website Download Center to your
Android device.
2. Push and hold the encoder whilst powering on the speaker. You will see the following screen:
Select the “Firmware upgrade” option with the encoder.
3. The next screen will appear indicating the speaker is ready to be updated.
(Note that this screen may look slightly differently on some versions of the bootloader)
4. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Go to your device’s File Manager and select the
previously downloaded update file then share it via Bluetooth.
5. On the “Choose Bluetooth device” page, select the speaker for update. If the device is not visible
straight away please wait or use the scan for devices, also you may be required to pair with the
device you wish to update. page 2 of 2
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6. The speaker screen will change to show you the progress of the transfer:
7. After the transfer is complete the speaker will automatically reset and install the latest firmware.
You can double check the firmware version on the LCD screen.
8. After updating launch the Turbo Control APP on your Android device and enjoy.
Important Note
To update via the Android APP the firmware bootloader needs to be updated. This is a more
complicated update procedure and comes with a small risk of “Bricking” the device. Please contact
Music Tribe CARE Team if you require this feature.