Speaker Firmware Update Manual
Version 2.2.0 (23 July 2019)
Note: this manual applies only to the following models.
•     Turbosound iP300
•     Turbosound iP3000
•     Turbosound iP500 v2
•     Turbosound iP1000 v2
•     Turbosound iP2000 v2

1.) Download the TURBOCONTROL app from the App Store to your device.

2.) Follow instructions to pair the device with your Turbosound speaker.  The instructions are outlined in the Quick Start Guide of your product.  

3.) Once the devices are paired via Bluetooth, launch the Turbocontrol application.

4.) Swipe to the 'Control Options' page.

5.) At the bottom of the Control Options page, you will see the current firmware.  Just below you will see the option to 'Swipe to Update Firmware'.  
Swipe horizontally to initiate the firmware update.  

6.) Allow the devices to complete the firmware process.  Do not walk away with your device in tow, or your bluetooth connection may fail.  Do not 
switch off power to the speaker at any time during the firmware update.

7.) Once completed, confirm the new firmware is installed by checking the Control Options page once more.