Lab.gruppen / LAKE dual redundant network guide. 


With dual redundancy activated, LAKE Controller can be connected to the secondary network connection using an IP address in the range 172.31.x.x. on the Lake Controller computer. This configuration allows for fail-over to the secondary network should a problem occur with the primary network.  

Important things to note: 

  • AES67 audio can only be transmitted and received on the Primary network. 

  • You must not connect LAKE controller to the primary and secondary network simultaneously. 

  • All frames must be configured with dual redundancy enabled. 

  • Daisy chaining of Frames is not possible when dual redundancy is used. 

This document will outline the basic process to setup frames for dual redundancy and how to switch between primary and secondary networks, for detailed network topologies and further information please refer to the LAKE Network Configuration guide in the “documents” folder of your LAKE installation. 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lake\Lake Controller vX.X.X\documents 








Step 1 – Enable Dual redundancy on all frames 

First, connect LAKE controller to your network (all frames must be online in LAKE controller and connected to the network) 

Then, follow these steps to enable dual redundancy on all frames. 

  • Click onto the “All” tab at the top of the screen. 


  • Open the “Global events and control” menu from the bottom of the screen 


  • Navigate to the “Control” tab and turn on “Global Dual Redundancy Control” 


  • You will see the following popup message; 


  • Click “Yes”, then perform a full power cycle of all frames in the network. 

  • (NOTE – you must totally remove power from all frames, allow the frames to fully switch off, then re-apply power. A standby power cycle using the front panel switch is not sufficient) 


Step 2 – Build the network – connection to secondary network 

You must now build two separate networks, one using the primary RJ45 connector on the Frames and one using the secondary. These networks must be totally separate. Please refer to the LAKE Network configuration guide for suggested network topologies and more detailed information. 

Dual star topology is the recommended choice, example below; 


With this setup, you can avoid having a single point of failure in the case of a switch or cable breaking. If a switch or cable does break, you will loose LAKE controller connectivity but Dante audio will continue to function on the secondary network.  


With dual redundancy activated, LAKE Controller can be connected to the secondary network using an IP address in the range 172.31.x.x. on the Lake Controller computer.