You may have a parameter turned on in your device that makes your effect's button function "momentary". This means that the effect will only come on as you press or hold it.

In VoiceLive 2, locate SETUP > SYSTEM, find the setting called MOMENTARY ON. If you want the button to work in a latching mode, (press once to turn on, press again to turn off) set this parameter to NONE. Otherwise, if you set this to HARMONY, DOUBLE, or BOTH, you will need to press and hold this button for the effect to stay on.

In VoiceLive 3 (and Extreme), you can change your buttons/switches from MOMENTARY to LATCHED in the VOCAL/GUITAR > BUTTONMAP menus. Each switch will display a MODE parameter if the LATCHED/MOMENTARY setting is applicable to that effect. For mic control, you can find this same setting in SETUP > MIC CONTROL.

In VoiceLive Touch 2, you can change switch/button settings when using a Switch-3/6 or microphone with Mic Control. You can change the settings for the DELAY MOMENT and HARMONY MOMENT in the SETUP > SWITCH-3/6 pages. For mic control, you can change the HIT MOMENT setting in the SETUP > INPUT page.

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