Please have in to consideration that the network card of the host computer running the Lake Controller must have a valid IP address to communicate with Lake devices on the network.

By Default Windows computers are configured to obtain an IP address automatically,this default set-up works successfully for most configurations and is the recommended starting point.
On an unmanaged network this option will allocate the PC an IP address from the range 169.254.x.x.

In the case of using automatic IP address allocation, please ensure your Ethernet switch and/or Lake devices are turned on and connected to your PC for a minute or so before starting the Lake Controller.

This allows the Operational System time to correctly identify your computer’s IP address, and therefore allows the Lake Controller to communicate properly when it scans the network.

If you are on a managed network, such as a corporate network, with a DHCP server and you are having communication problems, it is recommended that you change the IP addressing mode on the devices to use DHCP.

Please consult a network specialist if you have trouble with complex network configurations.

A fixed IP address is useful if you are frequently switching between network adapters or unplugging and reconnecting your network cable.

Please note that the automatic IP address allocation used by Windows requires a valid network to be present and can take up to one minute for the PC to discover its IP address.

In this case it is recommended that you try using a fixed IP address in the same subnet as that used by default address allocation such as 169.254 but using the reserved ranges of either 169.254.0.x or 169.254.255.x.

The IP address ranges mentioned above are reserved by IANA so future use of these address ranges, unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.