There are two ways to get pre-recorded vocals into your Perform-VK or Perform-VE unit. You can connect from a computer via USB, or you can use the MIC input. 
To use the USB input, assign your vocal track in your computer to output through channel 3 of the Perform-VK. You'll also want to make sure that you've installed the device driver prior to doing any routing. This signal will be treated as the main microphone input signal and you will be able to apply any normal vocal effects to it.
To use the MIC input, make sure that the signal coming from your external device, such as your audio player or audio interface, does not exceed the Max Input Level: -29 dBu to +2.5 dBu. Always set your gain to the minimum amount then adjust after you've made your connections and are passing signal through. You would of course treat this as your normal microphone signal where you can now apply any vocal effects.

You can download the driver and the manuals for the Perform-VK and Perform-VE from our website here: