You can assign the various parameters available to an expression pedal connected to your VoiceLive 3 or VoiceLive 3 Extreme. To change the assignments for an expression pedal attached to the Expression jack, this is changed per preset. In the Vocal or Guitar menu, locate the Expression Pedal tab. You can set the expression pedal's assignment under the Expression parameter. The assignment of the pedal connected to the Expression jack will change per preset.

When using a second expression pedal in the Footswitch jack, this attached pedal will work globally and its changes will apply across all presets. The assignment of an expression pedal connected to the Footswitch jack can be changed in the Setup menu under the Footswitch tab. Under the Footswitch Jack parameter, set it to Expression Pedal.

The second expression pedal can be assigned to one of the follow parameters:
  • Off
  • Lead Octave Down
  • Lead Octave Up
  • Harmony Octave Down
  • Harmony Octave Up
  • Harmony + DoubleLevel
  • Delay + Reverb Level
  • Harmony Level
  • Double Level
  • Vocals μMod Level
  • Vocals Delay Level
  • Vocals Reverb Level
  • Synth Level
  • Lead Level
  • Vocal μMod + Delay + Reverb Level
  • Vocal Level
  • Aux Level
  • Vocal Delay Sends
  • Vocal Reverb Sends
  • Rhythm Depth
  • Rhythm Division
  • Stutter Division
  • G μMod Level (G = Guitar)
  • G Delay Level
  • G Reverb Level
  • G Delay + Reverb Level
  • G Rhythmic Depth
  • G Rhythmic Division
  • G Amp Post Gain
  • G Amp Pre-Gain
  • G Level
  • G Pan
  • Looper Level
  • Headphone Level
  • G Delay Send
  • G Reverb Send