Please be aware that the DM8000 can be controlled via the RS-232 Serial Port on the rear panel of the DM8000.

For third-party control of DM8000 functions, Klark Teknik created DTP ,DM8000 Text Protocol.

This DTP protocol simply means that DM8000 will accept strings of ASCII characters to control and read settings for Gain, Mute, Logic State, Frequency, Input Level and other parameters used by DSP Processing Modules in DM8000 products.

DTP strings can be transmitted via third-party controllers using RS-232.

A PC computer can send/receive DTP Strings by using a terminal emulator program such as Hyper-Terminal.

To activate DM8000’s Third Party Control mode, open your PC’s terminal emulator and input “3rdStart”.

Please note that the “3rdStart” command is case sensitive.

To exit Third Party Control mode, input “exit”

To protect the system, the user must input user-name and password to enter Third Party Control mode.

Admin can add/delete users and set/change a password by using the PC software.

You can as a example the user-name as viewer1 and the password passw1;

If user-name and password is valid, the system will set the relevant user level and enter Third Party Control mode.