Please be aware that an IPD unit may be connected directly to a computer using a straight cable.

Because no DHCP server is present, the IPD unit will assign itself an address in the ZeroConfig range.

When the IPD unit has a self-assigned IP address, it will continue searching for a DHCP server.

In the case of the unit being later connected to a network and a DHCP server is detected, it will take its IP address from it.

If the user assigns a fixed IP address by entering it manually, by enabling manual configuration of network address for the device by performing the following steps  Configure > Network Settings, this address will have the highest priority, and DHCP will not be used.

When connecting multiple IPD units to a network Connection of multiple IPD units on a network requires use of a network router which also functions as a DHCP server.

The router will automatically assign an IP address to each IPD unit on the network, unless an IP address has been assigned manually.

Please note that an IPD unit will continuously broadcast its presence on the network, irrespective of its current IP address, therefore, even if the current IP address is invalid on the network, the broadcast will continue.

Because of this units that have a changed IP address may appear as duplicates in Global View but will not connect.

To resolve this matter re-starting IntelliDrive Controller normally will make the duplicate unit disappear.