The Perform-VK has two Gain settings: Auto or Manual. To make gain adjustments, you will use the SET button.


To use Auto Gain, hold the SET button until it turns red. While holding the SET button, sing as loud as you can. This sets the gain to the proper level and ensures that you won't encounter clipping during your performance. Release the SET button to bring up a red LED ring that indicates the current gain setting. After a few seconds, the gain setting window will timeout and enable the "nudge" function. The "nudge" function will automatically reduce the gain setting slightly if a loud level is reached to avoid clipping.


To use Manual Gain, hold the SET button until it turns red, then release it. The LED ring will turn red and you can now turn the knob to adjust the gain manually. Setting the gain this way will also deactivate the "nudge" function and will prevent any changes to this setting during your performance. 


Please Note: Pressing the SET button after setting the gain manually, even to adjust brightness, will cause the "nudge" function to become active again. Also, the selected gain setting you choose is not saved across power cycles, so make sure to redo your preferred gain process every time you power on your device.