The Perform-VE has two Gain settings: Auto or Manual. To make gain adjustments, you will use the SET button.


To use Auto-Gain, press and hold the SET button to activate the Auto-Gain procedure and sing into the microphone at your typical loudest volume. You will see that the LED to the right of the SET button changes color when you sing into the microphone. Here's a guide to the colors on the VU meter:

After several seconds, the SET button will flash red, indicating that the procedure is complete. If you find the Auto-Gain procedure set the input trim too low or high for your liking, you can always run Auto-Gain again or you can set the gain manually.


To use Manual Gain, press and release the SET button and edit with the Control Knob. The red LED segments indicate gain provided by Perform-VE’s analog microphone preamplifier circuit.

When the mic pre is at maximum gain, further gain is possible via digital amplification (the remaining 4 magenta LED segments).

Once you stop editing with the Control Knob, the LED ring will return to the MIDI/LEAD mix display after two seconds. You can then vocalize into your microphone and confirm the gain settings are correct for your application.

HINT: Red in VU meter LED is not a good thing as it means hard clipping and digital distortion! Reduce the microphone gain and try again if you see the VU LED turning red when you are vocalizing.