The ST-100 and ST-200 supertweeters are both very similar, differing only in the adjustable crossover points and sometimes the finish of the product. The ST-100 has adjustable crossover points at 18, 20 and 22 kHz, whereas the 200 has crossover points at 14, 16 and 18 kHz. We recommend that the ST-100 can be used with any passive loudspeaker cabinet, whether it be made by Tannoy or any other manufacturer. We provide an alignment gauge that will allow you to position the supertweeter in the correct position when using with any Tannoy speaker past or present, however, we are unable to provide this information for non-Tannoy loudspeakers as it is impossible to measure them all. In this case, we can only recommend experimentation until you find the setup that suits your listening environment best. The ST-200 supertweeter is designed to be used with our Prestige Range