Question I'm hoping to use the pitch shift function as a fake capo setting - usually just up 1/2 step. However, I can't see a way to attain ONLY the shifted sound. It's always mixed with the input signal. I've tried everything I can see there, but it doesn't work.

First of all the Pitch shifting of the G-Major is primarily a monophonic pitcher, meaning that, large shifts will not sound very good when playing chords. So using the Pitch as a fake capo can not really be recommended. Regarding the mix with the input signal that you are experiencing, this is most likely a question of the Routing. The Routing called "Parallel" will place the pitch block in parallel with the Chorus, Delay and Reverb block. This means that if any of these three blocks are passing dry signal, that will also influence the Pitche signal. In order to avoide this, please select one the remaining two routings; i.e. "Serial" or "SemiParallel".