Product name: Flashback DelayItem #: 960670001 Description in system: Flashback DelayDescription of function: Delay pedal & looper Item above/below: Above: Flashback X4 Product webpage: Server page: Common faults / issues: Common questions: Differences between Flashback Delay, Nova-Delay and Nova Repeater Turning off the tapped tempo Downloading Transition TonePrints Flashback Delay Mono or Stereo Delay time potscaling of different delay types FX Level controls overall level when using the looper I/O balanced or unbalanced Flashback battery life What-are-the-differences-between-the-Flashback-Delay-and-the-Alter-Ego-delay-   Included Accessories:  
E54602611: USB Cable, A plug to MINI B plug, 1,0m 1 Pcs
E60000020: PRINT Guitar Giftbox Pamphlet 1 Pcs
E60000712: TC Electronic branding sticker small 2010 1 Pcs
Optional accessories: N/A