Question: Reading the user manual suggests the minimum delay on slap is 20 ms. Reading your FAQ it says from 0 ms to 300 ms. Creating a TonePrint using the editor the minimum is 15 ms. it is a little bit confusing. My question is: Is it possible to have a 10 ms slap delay  Answer: Do not confuse the settings you can make directly on the pedal by selecting the delay with the Delay Type Selector knob and the settings on the TonePrint editor you can load with the templates such as:
  • 2290 
  • Analog 
  • BucketBrigade
  • Etc.
In addition to that, if using the TonePrint editor, you get 2-ranges of different settings depending if you operate the "Delay Time" slider in the TonePrint editor OR the "DELAY" knob on the Flashback Delay itself. 
  • Using the Delay knob on your pedal you can see the settings in the TonePrint editor when using the "SLAP" template go from: 15 ms to 100 ms. 
  • Using the "Delay Time" slider on the TonePrint editor on any templates, you go from: 0 ms to 7000 ms 
  • Without the TonePrint editor (while disconnected from it) directly on the Flashback Delay itself, selecting the "SLAP" delay type and moving the "DELAY" knob you will get a rage from 15 ms to 300 ms.
So finally to answer, you cannot have a 10 ms delay time. The minimum is 0 ms, moving in 15 ms  increments with the "DELAY" knob on your pedal. The first step after 0 ms will be 69 ms when using the "Delay Time" slider in the TonePrint editor.