Question The 'SQUARE' button on my G-Minor does not respond the first time I press it. This problem appears with the G-Major in combination with my G-Minor. When I set up the following for example:
  1. Connect G-Major to G-Minor via MIDI.
  2. Set up the Bypass All parameter in CC 80.
In this case the 'SQUARE' button should control the Bypass function on/off. This do happens, but not at the first square button touch, but only at the second one. After this each square button touch switches the Bypass function on and off, as it must do. But if you wait for at least several seconds or if you switch the preset, the phenomenon appears again.

This is not a malfunction, we have actually programmed the 'SQUARE' button to behave like this. This is because the 'SQUARE' button is also used to switch between CC change mode and Preset Change mode. The first time you press the button the MIDI CC message is therefore not sent out, since the pedal can´t know if you want to switch modes or if you want to send out a CC message. Therefore we can only recommend this button to control the TAP TEMPO as it is set up by default. For bypassing blocks and any other ON/OFF switching, we recommend to use the two other buttons.